When you come right down to it, many of us find it very hard to stay focused in the busy day-to-day world we live in.  The never-ending distractions are everywhere. Between emails, cell phones, the internet, social media sites, personal schedules, work responsibilities, and family needs, it is a wonder how we manage to do as much as we do! Whew, it is difficult to keep up with it all isn’t it?

I was recently in a meeting where the discussion focused on the topic of mental “quiet” time to just think.  Some mentioned the common sight of multi-taskers doing their “things” and wondering how they get anything done!  Others mentioned the generational differences comparing those who manage multi-tasking with ease versus those who have difficultly while others believe that productivity levels suffer.

The interesting thing was that everyone in the discussion was in agreement that having some free mental time – on a regular basis – to just think, was important.  They also agreed that not many are able to get even a few minutes for mental relaxation.  It’s a real quandary isn’t it? We want the time to recharge our selves but the demands on our time never seem to stop.  What’s a person to do??

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to incorporate some “me” time into your daily life:

Make mental free time a priority.  I know this is easier said than done, but I believe that with a focus on your goal or priority, it will become a reality.

Start with a small goal – say 10 minutes a day where you sit back and do nothing but think and listen to yourself.

Let others know that you want and need this time to be alone.  Enlist their help to achieve this time for yourself.

Don’t allow email or cell phone, or the internet to divert your attention from focusing on your goal of “me” time.  Get in the habit of waiting once in a while before immediately responding to these distractions.

Some of these suggestions require a bit of selfishness on your part but I believe that this time, set aside by you – for you, recharges your batteries in a way that renews you and you will be more energetic, more engaged in your life than ever before.