Welcome to my blog.  I hope that you find my thoughts and musings of help to you personally and to those you work and interact with.  In my humble opinion, communication skills fall into the category of “most needed to improve” category today.  Hopefully, these writings will do that!  My focus is to assist individuals, managers and teams in improving in areas such as leadership, motivation, work performance, conflict resolution, team building and change management. Areas of specialty include communications skills, leadership and career management.

As a Business Coach …I work with teams and individuals, developing leaders both professionally and personally. My experience includes work with clients through times of change and corporate restructuring. I am very effective in helping clients understand and adapt their communications style to leverage their strengths to achieve superior job performance.

As a Workshop Leader…I work within client requirements to present workshops that inspire. As a much sought after speaker, I present programs and workshops that are motivating and focused on results.

As a Grief Coach… I work within the workplace coaching individuals, teams and managers in organizations through transition, grief and change.

As a Career Coach…I work with clients to identify their career goals and find their dream job. Utilizing my expertise and knowledge as a former corporate recruiter with AT&T, I understand what employers are looking for in a candidate. One of my specialties is preparing clients to shine in the interview.

Call or email today… to work with a coach that motivates you and inspires you to reach further than you thought you could!

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